Friday, May 27, 2011

Company to Offer Bottled Water Infused with Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Inc just announced that CannaBANK's patent pending Cannabidiol Extraction Process will allow for direct infusion of the health and wellness benefits providing CBD's into three new bottled water enhanced beverages.

This technology will be used by Medical Marijuana Inc. to bottle and distribute these beverages in the world beverage marketplace. Medical Marijuana Inc is reviewing several bids for the distribution rights in Latin America as well as the United States. Bottled drinking water market alone exceeds 8.7 billion gallons in the USA and is close approaching the Carbonated Soft Drink market in terms of annual sales.

CBD-infused water will have all the advantages of traditional pure spring water plus the added health and wellness benefits of CBD. The beverages will be marketed throughout similar distribution channels as bottled drinking water at retail and grocery outlets, so as to be readily available to the general populace in the next few months.

CBD is an extract from cannabis and contains none of the psycho-active ingredients of marijuana, known as THC. CBD has been well studied by major University Medical Research Schools in the United States. One CBD benefit is to reduce DNA damage due to free radical species, anti-aging of neural, CNS, COPD, and other cellular targets.

Dr. Donald Abrahms, chief of Hematology and Oncology from the University of California at San Francisco, has been researching CBD health benefits for many years and more research is available via the following YouTube link:

Aside from Dr Abrahms work, research by the US Government and other top US University Medical Research departments have shown CBD to carry significant benefits. CBD has shown positive as described in the United States Health Department Patent # 6,630,507 results with Parkinson's disease, HIV, Down's Syndrome, Crohn's disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, Post Heart Operation and Heart patients, including high blood pressure, Alzheimer's and many other conditions. CBD has been shown to be a natural T-cell enhancer.

Three products are currently available from Medical Marijuana Inc's enhanced drinking water beverage line:

  • CBD-infused water, which has all of the medical benefits of CBD.
  • THC-free water, which has all of the additional 500 plus natural benefits less THC.
  • Hemp water, which uses all the direct benefits of hemp extracts.

Medical Marijuana Inc has several additional beneficial beverage lines which will be launched over the next several months.
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  1. Yet with all the benefits now proven through medical research, Cannabis is still classified by the federal government as a Schedule 1 Drug having no medicinal benefits, Time for this to change!!

  2. Isn't CBD fat soluble? How would it affect you in just water?