Thursday, January 12, 2012

Feds Warn Colorado Dispensaries, Raid San Diego Dispensaries

Federal Prosecutors announced today that they would begin a crackdown on the medical marijuana industry in Colorado and sent letters to 23 dispensaries that are located near schools and warned them that they would have to close within 45 days or face prosecution and seizure of their property.

"When the voters of Colorado passed the limited medical marijuana amendment in 2000, they could not have anticipated that their vote would be used to justify large marijuana stores located within blocks of our schools," Colorado U.S. Attorney John Walsh said in a statement announcing the crackdown.

It's also being reported that three medical marijuana dispensaries in the San Diego area were raided today, one on University Ave. and one in Pacific Beach.

Eyewitnesses say that patients at the collective were held and questioned for 40 minutes before being released and employees were interrogated for hours.

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