Thursday, October 27, 2011

Right-Wing Filmmaker Trying to Discredit Occupy Wall Street with Bongs and Rolling Papers?

For some reason, independant filmmaker Evan Coyne Maloney, whose been called the conservative answer to Michael Moore, has been walking around the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York with his film crew handing out bongs and rolling papers.

Some have suggested that the filmmaker is trying to cast the protesters in a negative light by casting them as "hippie potheads".

The video below shows Maloney in heated discussion with several with several of the protester, but around the 4:40 mark someone directly confronts him about the paraphernalia and asks why he isn't handing out food and blankets instead. 

Although one protester claims Maloney is trying to "create a visual" for Fox News, Maloney claims he was giving the items away because he's a "nice guy". 

Judge for yourself:


  1. The guy in the red sweater just seams like a whiny bitch. Why are they berating the film maker with questions? These people are stupid and just want to yell and complain.

  2. thats may be the stupidst thing i ever heard, theres always a reason to complain, or else people wouldnt do it (ok, i know theres 3-5 days at a month women can get a bit.. you know, crazy)
    But U.S.A is purely a plutonomy, you know what that is? its where 1% of the people there has MORE money than the rest of the 99% put together. With a plutonomy, normal you dont have any voice being one of the 99%, but in the great U.S.A "you have". You have your great free speech, and its great some people FINALLY use it. Your presidents and media has just created this "american dream" of you totally can be one of this 1%. And you believe it. (HAHAHAHA, sorry it had to come out...)

    Youre all afraid of this "socalism" (best of the capitalism, and best of the communism put together), but i think most would agree with "rather sacrifice the few for the masses" than the other ting around. Here im living in denmark, here we have socialism. I can go to middleschool, highschool, college 'for free', paid in my taxes. The highest taxes in the world, dont be scared, hold on, i can go to the doctor just to check if im sick, paid in taxes. If your loose job, the government will help to live a joyful life anyway, and help me get out finding something new as fast as possible. Im not saying denmark is the shit, but its certainly closer than america, for the mass. Im not saying this are utopia, we feel your wars and finace crisis too. But the scientist call us the most happy people on earth, and one of least corrupt country ;)

    But i agree with no tax increses if the goverment abandon their people and use it all for war. A Capatalist war. Its all about oil ;)

    btw, this finaciel crisis..... Its prove against capitalism..

    I really feel with those people, i've would just not gone to the bank, cause the banks dosent do anything wrong (i clearly agree its wrong making money on me out of nothing, but in your law as well as denmark, mine, its tottaly legal), go to Obama. And go to the rich. Get thwem to empazize, or shoot the moherfuckers! (i didnt mean the last thing... or did i? hmm)