Thursday, October 27, 2011

Marijuana Inc. Releases Products Enhanced by Electromagnets, Soundwaves

Marijuana, Inc. announced today the roll-out of their new KushClear™ line of private labeled wellness products. Developed over the last two years specifically for the Medical Marijuana community, KushClear™ products are designed to target specific needs with 100% natural ingredients, for anyone desirous of alternative health care modalities.

Initially, four products will be available with the premier product being a Hemp Protein mix with Spirulina, AFA blue-green algae, Cordyceps, and Rhodiola Rosea. The three additional products currently available are KushClear™ Male for immediate male enhancement, KushClear™ Male for Daily Use for long term male enhancement, and KushClear™ Desire for female enhancement. For more information, or ordering products, go to:

All products are further enhanced with the Agronifier™ technology that uses a combination of electromagnetic and sound waves to increase their efficacy. This patent pending process is licensed from Ferris Holding, Inc. the developer of the Agronifier™. For more details go to (

Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Marijuana Inc., stated, "It was important to us to deliver a line of healthy nutraceuticals that would stand out in a crowded industry. Annually people spend hundreds of dollars on products which claim to work but don't, simply because they do not deliver enough active ingredients to do the job."

The KushClear™ line of products offer three unique benefits: They are either liquid or powder that is added to a liquid, this form of delivery is much more efficient than tablets or capsules that can pass through the body without dissolving. They contain enough of the effective ingredients to get the results a person expects. They are further enhanced with the healthy Agronifier™ technology, increasing the overall effectiveness of the products.

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