Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kevin Smith Tells Jay Leno All About Smoking Marijuana

Kevin Smith was a guest on The Tonight Show last week to promote his new movie 'Red State', but he wound up using most of his time to talk about Marijuana.

When Jay asked Kevin if he'd quit smoking cigarettes, Kevin replied that he had. By switching to weed.

"I simply started smoking weed instead," Smith said. "You smoke cigarettes and you feel dead, but you smoke weed and you're like hey, maybe I can get things done. Or watch a lot of TV."

Smith says he started smoking weed at age 38 and that it was a "wise decision", but said he had to reprogram his brain to avoid eating when high.

"I've trained myself to not eat while I'm smoking weed, and if I want to eat, I just smoke more weed" he said.

Jay was obviously uncomfortable about the subject matter and tried to steer the conversation away from marijuana by asking about Smith's new podcast, but Smith says that too came from smoking weed.

"That came from that too," he said "When I started smoking weed I started chasing whimsies".

Check out the interview for yourself right here:


  1. The marijuana users simply blowing smoke to try to mask the smell of marijuana smoke. Smokers also usually opens the window to air out the smoky area.

  2. Stop smoking by switching to weed...What a cleaver idea? Like switching from beer to vodka..