Tuesday, August 30, 2011

State Unfair: Marijuana Group Banned from Willie Nelson Concert

Marijuana activist group Nebraska Cannabis Coalition had planned to pass out literature and gather signatures at a Willie Nelson concert at the Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island this week, but instead they aren't even being allowed inside the fairgrounds.

In an interview with the Nebraska World-Herald, Nebraska State Fair Director Joseph McDermott said he didn't want the signature gathers 'roaming the fairgrounds' and that they should apply for a booth at the fair if they want to collect signatures. However, NCC spokesperson Myra Oppy said she tried for two months to get a booth and was not allowed.

State Senator Paul Schumacher told the World-Herald that he wasn't sure about the legality of banning the group from the fair, saying:

“The State Fair is the epitome of a public forum.I don't think a federal court would look with much kindness at limiting public expression at the fair.”

Since being notified of the ban NCC has changed their plans and will rally outside the front gates of the fair during the concert by Willie Nelson.

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  1. Oh but we will be there.. just watch :)~LittleTree

  2. If booze is legal don't know why this isn't? Make history Nebraska and be the first to legalize,grow,and TAX cannabis. Same laws should be for marijuana as for alcohol. Make our state economy boom over everyone else!