Monday, August 29, 2011

Man Claims Marijuana Oil is Curing His Skin Cancer

Michael McShane
CBS News in Detroit is reporting on a Michigan man named Michael McShane who claims that using oil made from medical marijuana is causing his skin cancer to disappear.

McShane says he's been using a topical solution extracted from medical marijuana on the skin cancer on his forehead and now he says it's almost gone.

“I’ve got biopsies, chart notes, photographs … in about three weeks I’m going to go back and really wrap this part of the case up,” McShane told CBS News.

McShane's dermatologist, Dr. Ali Moiin, says he didn't recommend the marijuana cream and denies that McShane is completely cured, but he agrees that the cancerous cells have decreased by as much as 60 percent.

McShane says he doesn't experience any euphoria from the topical solution, but admits that he has smoked marijuana since he was a teen.

“It went from a party to a cure for cancer,” he said.
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  1. One hundred yrs ago they were using marijuana for more than a couple hundred different complaints at the doctors office. Ok maybe there's a learning curve. You'd think we would start showing signs of improvement.

  2. It didn't do Bob Marley any good,by the way methadone is supposed to kill leukemia cells as well.redrooster.

  3. Rick Simpson's documentary titled,"Running From The Cure" has detailed information on this very substance. It's known in the medical marijuana community as "Rick Simpson Oil".

  4. There is lots of science showing cannabis kills cancer cells -- I know people who have cured their cancers using the Rick Simpson Oil, or its equivalent.