Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Michigan Dispensary Offers Free Pot to Those Who Register to Vote

A medical marijuana dispensary in Lansing, Mich. has come under scrutiny after offer a free half-gram of marijuana or a free edible for newly-registered voters.

The law clearly states that incentives cannot be offered in exchange for a certain vote, and Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope says the dispensary is walking a fine line with their slogan, "Vote for us and we'll vote for you."

"There are very clear prohibitions in the law about giving someone any type of consideration for voting or voting a certain way or you can't give someone an enticement for not voting," said Swope.

Shekina Pena, owner of Your Healthy Choice Clinic, says the dispensary is only encouraging people to registered and isn't endorsing any certain candidate or cause in connection with the incentives.

"We let them know how we feel, we don't tell them who to vote for," said Pena. "We definitely want to support the ones who are supporting us."

Swope says his office will continue to investigate the matter and Senator Rick Jones, who beleives the clinic is using free pot to influence voters, has contacted the state Attorney General's office about the matter.
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  1. Large corporations give away millions of dollars to tell politicians how to vote.....and these folks are giving it away to NEW VOTERS.....NOT telling people how to vote. Double standard and hypocrisy from the people who want to stop this