Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Man Gets a Decade in Prison for Growing Marijuana

Nghia Nguyen Mug Shot
The Lincoln Star Journal newspaper in Lincoln, Nebraska is reporting that a 34-year-old Lincoln man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after he plead guilty in March to conspiring to grow more than 1,000 marijuana plants.

Police found hundreds of plants in three different Lincoln County homes owned by Nghia Nguyen, along with more than $48,000 in cash, a gun, a grey BMW 740i and a red Cadillac Escalade with Lamborghini-style doors.

Nguyen is a Vietnam immigrant and will likely be deported after his prison term.

Nguyen's brother Jason Nguyen says he wonders what will cause more harm, his brothers actions or the fact that  Nguyen's prison sentence will take him away from his wife and four young children. 

"How could a woman raise four kids by herself?" he said. "The past is the past. People make mistakes."

You can read the full story here.
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  1. I wish you was in the California where it lagal to grow weed in the area so you can get pass all that bull,they putting you through. Prayers goes out to your wife and kids. See the good and give him a job for growing prescribe weed for the patients that need it, since he so crafty and skilled.

    1. The man was arrested for growing 1000 Marijuana plants and you want to give him a medal, maybe a key to the city, no the country will be appropriate.

  2. Growing weed with no authorize permission is a risk. I wouldn’t say that weed is bad because it can be used as medicine. In some countries you can buy weed in the pharmacy, but if it is prescribed by your doctor.