Thursday, June 2, 2011

High Times Magazine Celebrates 37th Anniversary, Offers Digital Downloads of Classic Issues

High Times #1
High Times Magazine, founded 37 years ago today, is offering a special treat for fans to celebrate their anniversary.

Starting today, High Times is offering a package deal on a digital download of five classic issues of the magazine including the first-ever issue from 1974, the second issue also from 1974, the first Bob Marley and Cheech and Chong covers from 1976 and 1980 respectively and the 2002 Stoner of the Year issue featuring Snoop Dogg on the cover.

The digital download package is available through the Zinio Digital subscription service and costs $35 for all five issues, 30 percent off the cover price.

You can read more about the High Times Editor's Choice package at the High Times website, or you can order your subscription at Zinio's website.

And, by the way, Zinio got the date of the anniversary wrong on their website. It is the 37th anniversary, not the 35th!
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