Friday, June 3, 2011

Company Announces Distribution Deal for CBD-Infused Water

From Medical Marijuana, Inc.:

Medical Marijuana Inc announced today that additional bidders have presented offers for rights to the distribution of Medical Marijuana Inc's revolutionary THC-free water products.

One offer being considered is brought in by BullnBear Group, S.A. for Central American distribution rights. This involves a $22.5 million up-front payment to Medical Marijuana Inc on a 10 year distribution agreement plus an 18% back-end royalty as a percentage from sales.

Several other offers for US marketing rights have been presented from a variety of distribution companies, including one that services 77,000 stores worldwide. Terms of offers are still being finalized. In addition to these US and Central American bidders, Medical Marijuana Inc is in the process of reviewing offers from Europe, Asia and Southeast Asia for similar distribution rights. These distribution rights will include the rights to four separate beverages being produced by Medical Marijuana Inc, all within the THC-free line.

In 2008 this wholesale bottled water industry was estimated to exceed $11.2 billion in the USA alone. To differentiate itself from other products within this massive US market, Medical Marijuana Inc is proud to feature a pure, natural spring-water source located in the Mayan Rainforest region of Guatemala as the primary water source for its entire THC-free line. Further, the company will utilize CannaBANK'S CBD (Cannabidiol) infusion process which enables the health and wellness benefits of the cannabis plant to be directly infused into drinking-water beverages. A summary of the four distinct beverage options being readied for market by Medical Marijuana Inc under its THC-free line are as follows:

1. CBD-infused water which carries all the health and wellness benefits of CBD extract
2. THC-free water which features CBD as an ingredient plus the added 500+ infused natural benefits of cannabinoid extract, less the THC. The infusion of cannabinoid extract in addition to CBD adds a variety of vitamins, trace minerals, essential fatty acids and many other properties not found in only the CBD-infused water
3. Hemp water
4. Pure, natural spring water directly from Mayan rainforest source

To back its emphasis on providing CBD and cannabinoid enhanced water to the general public, Medical Marijuana Inc is relying on research by the US Government and other top US University Medical departments. An example of this research can be found in The United States Health Department Patent # 6,630,507, titled "Cannabis as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants". This article explains many of the benefits of Cannabis while countless other medical and scientific journals also cite CBD as a natural T-cell enhancer and significant source of antioxidant properties. Further, Dr. Donald Abrams, M.D., chief of Hematology and Oncology at San Francisco General Hospital has researched CBD extensively. A review of his findings can be found under the following link:

As more research and technology become available over the next several months, Medical Marijuana Inc will launch several more beneficial beverage products, many of which will be available through The Hemp Network ( division.
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