Thursday, May 19, 2011

Strain Review: Lavender Kush

Overview: Lavender Kush was the 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup winner for Best Indica and it’s not hard to tell why. This strain is a three-way cross with origins in Afghanistan, Hawaii, Korea and the U.S. and contains elements of Super Skunk and Afghani Hash Plant.

Purchased From: Desert Cannabuds Delivery Service in Calexico, CA

Looks: These buds were very dense with very broad, bright green leaves and bright orangish hairs and hundreds of tiny white hairs.

Taste/Smell: This Lavender Kush smelled very sweet, like fresh cut grass. A very mild and pleasant odor. The taste was also mild and sweet with hints of fruitiness and a very slight hashy taste.

Buzz: This strain provided a nice high, but not too strong. I got warm fuzzy feelings throughout my body, but especially in my face. These buds didn’t make me overly sleepy, so they may not be too effective for insomnia, but I was sore as hell before I smoked and it did manage to take away my aches and pains. I suffer from terrible back problems and Lavender Kush made me forget all about them. Highly recommended for pain relief.

I usually get very social and talkative when I smoke weed, but Lavender Kush seemed to have to opposite effect. I became withdrawn and meditative. With all that energy turned inward, I was able to come up with some really creative new ideas. Great bud for those quiet days when you want to reflect.

The buzz came on fast and strong, but faded fairly quickly, leaving me wanting more about an hour later.


  1. Wish It was legal in Belize!!!

  2. this shit is no joke!!

  3. Very good. Mine had tons of purple hairs and I had the same warm fuzzy body buzz. Beautiful

  4. This is one of the best in my book!!!!