Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Medical Marijuana Strain Named After Justin Bieber

NYC signing September 1,2009 Nintendo Store - NYCJustin Beiber is reporting that a new strain of medical marijuana has been named after pop star Justin Beiber and sources close to Justin say he is actually pret-ty ticked about the “unauthorized use of his name.”

There's no word on how the strain was named, but a search at shows that the only dispensary carrying the so-called J.B. Kush: The Dank Depot in Long Beach, Calif.

I'm willing to bet that a small army of pre-teen girls will be looking for this stuff just because Beiber's name is attached to it. I can here it now: Mommy, can we stop at the weed store on the way home? I need my Beiber fix!
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