Sunday, May 1, 2011

Man Burns Marijuana in Fireplace While Cops Wait Outside

Fire Place Java LogImage by bucklava via Flickr
The News Dispatch in Michigan City, Indiana is reporting a pretty funny story that happened last Wednesday. Police in Michigan City began to look for a suspected drunk driver after finding an abandoned vehicle that smelled like alcohol. Following a tip from a local resident who said they gave the driver of the vehicle a ride, police located the suspected driver, 30-year-old Bridgette Lowery standing with 60-year-old William Maglio outside a residence three miles away. Officers scuffled with the two suspects and arrested Lowery, but Maglio was able to escape into the house and barricaded the door behind him.
Soon after police saw smoke coming from the chimney of the home and smelled marijuana. An hour later Maglio come back out the front door and was arrested without incident.
Police say all the suspected marijuana was destroyed and no other illegal drugs were found in the home.
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