Friday, May 6, 2011

Did Osama Bin Laden Smoke Marijuana?

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The blogosphere has blown up with speculation about possible marijuana use by recently killed terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden after CNN reporter Nic Robertson found high-grade marijuana plants growing near a cabbage patch outside the compound were Bin Laden was killed.

It's not clear whether Bin Laden had anything to do with the marijuana or whether he used it himself, but the crop was discovered less than 100 yard from his compound. Bin Laden has long been known to suffer from kidney failure and some are speculating that he may have used marijuana medicinally to ease the pain.

The plants were said to have a value of around $1000, but that hasn't been substantiated.

A local merchant says that Bin Laden's men would come into town to stock up on food once a week and would always take plenty of Coca Cola and Pepsi.

"I was surprised at the amount of food they would buy," he said.

Yeah, they were smoking' weed.

You can check out Robertson's report on the Bin Laden compound, including the marijuana discovery here:

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