Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Company Offers Marijuana-Scented Perfume

Demeter Fragrance Library, the company behind such wild fragrances as Birthday Cake, Black Pepper, Earthworm, Clean Windows and Dirt, have introduced a new perfume based on the scent of Cannabis Flowers.

According to a description of the new scent on the company's website:

Cannabis is the most durable of the hemp plants, and it produces the toughest cloth, called `canvass.' Canvass was widely used as sails in the early shipping industry, as it was the only cloth which would not rot on contact with sea spray. From a medicinal perspective, Cannabis is reputed to alleviate asthma and glaucoma, and lower blood pressure.

Today in the United States hemp, which is defined as the roots, stalk, and stems of the cannabis plant, is legal to possess. The Cannabis Flower, however, which is at the heart of this fragrance, is used to make Marijuana, and is illegal to possess.

At Demeter, we do not involve ourselves with the politics, but the beautiful scent of the Cannabis Flower. Slightly floral, slightly spicy, but unmistakably Cannabis, this fragrance has a deep and penetrating beauty.

Our suggestion; SMELL IT, DON'T SMOKE IT.

Different types and sizes of fragrances featuring the cannabis scent retail from $6.00 for a 1/2 ounces cologne splash to $39 for a 4 ounce cologne spray.

Now you can arouse the suspicion of parents, teachers and cops without even getting high! Although I'm not sure why any one would want to do that.

You can learn more or order a bottle of Cannabis Flower Perfume on the Demeter Fragrance Library website. 
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  1. Will this set off a drug sniffing dog? and before someone asks, yes I actually enjoy f'in with cops, and yes I'm aware I will stand around for hours as they search and search and search my car while I laugh at them