Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Chronicle Is Now Hosting 'Munchie Minute' Videos!

I'm very pleased to announce that The Chronicle is now hosting the Munchie Minute, a weekly show that'll quickly show you how to make all kinds of delicious stuff.

Munchie Minute started uploading videos to YouTube on the same day that The Chronicle officially re-launched, 4/20/2011, so I guess this partnership is appropriate!

The Munchie Minute crew has released six videos so far featuring some of the yummiest, most creative cures for the munchies that I've seen. You can visit The Chronicle's Munchie Minute Page to see all six episodes.

And a big thanks goes out to the MM Crew for giving me permission to re-publish their videos!

You can check out Episode 1 right here:

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