Friday, May 20, 2011

Anti-Marijuana Candidate Tim Pawlenty Running for President

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty announced today that he will be running for president as a Republican, saying he will make the official announcement on Monday.

Please people, do not elect this man.

As Governor, Pawlenty vetoed nine different medical marijuana legalization bills. He believes that legalizing marijuana will lead to increased drug problems and crime. He believes that marijuana, a medicinal herb, is a serious threat to public health and safety. He wants to increase patrols along the border to cut off the supply of marijuana.

And the worst part is, he doesn't even know why he wants to be president.

When asked in a recent interview, he couldn't come up with an answer.

Pawlenty is the enemy. He's the worst kind of politician: The kind that thinks he should be able to tell me what to do in my own home. I just pray that Ron Paul or Gary Johnson get the GOP nod instead.
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