Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Would You Do If You Found A Brick of Marijuana?

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In response to a story that broke a couple of days ago about an elderly couple who mistakenly received a five-pound brick of marijuana in the mail, the Web site conducted a poll asking what residents would do if they found a large quantity of marijuana. Turns out most of them said they would smoke it. Right on! Of the people polled, 49 percent said they would smoke the weed, 19 percent said they would sell it and only 32 percent said they would turn it over to the police.
I've personally never found ANY amount of marijuana and haven't been faced with this choice, but you all know what I'd do with it ;)
What would YOU do?
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  1. Damnnnnnn old people are so lucky :-/. If i found that, i would roll a 5 pound jay and smoke that from sunrise to sunset haha

  2. if i found a 5 pound brick i would call up 2-3 mates, and smooke that shiyyyyt. although a 5 pound j sounds nice id probably like to leave some for cooking with to enhance the smoking. i would probably find a way to die from weed to be honest.