Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Does Facebook Have Against Marijuana?

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Yesterday I tried to create an ad for The Chronicle using Facebook's social, pay-per-click advertising system. A couple of hours later I received an email telling me that my ad had been reject for inappropriate content.
Turns out Facebook refuses to show any ads on their Web site that depict a marijuana leaf, which the logo of The Chronicle does.
Back in October Facebook caused quite a stir by refusing to run ads from the "Just Say Now" campaign that was urging legalization of marijuana just before California's vote on Proposition 19, which would have legalized recreational use of the drug in the state. "Just Say Now" refuted the claim that their ad was against Facebook advertising policies and were told by Facebook that the image of a marijuana leaf falls under the category of 'smoke-able substances' which they say is prohibited by their advertising guidelines.
But in fact, there is no mention of 'smoke-able' substances in Facebook's advertising guidelines and there are no mentions of marijuana or any other drugs. The guidelines do prohibit advertisements for tobacco products and place strict guidelines on ads for alcohol, but they definitely don't say anything about displaying the image of a marijuana leaf.
Facebook needs to get it's shit together. If advertisements involving marijuana are not allowed, then it should be added to their guidelines, but there is no reason why they should it shouldn't be allowed.
Marijuana is a natural medicine that helps millions of people all over the world every day. Can the same be said for alcohol, which IS allowed?
Hipocracy about marijuana use rears it's ugly head again.
I urge every one out there to send Facebook an email and let them know how you feel about the issue. The times when marijuana was a taboo subject are over. The president even said so.

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  1. we need to go after the GOV and MAKE them SAY they have Been lieing for over 70 yrs about POT the law IT SELF is ILLEGAL COME ON PPL THINK ASK YOUR Reps WHY a LIE?? and HOW can they enfource a law based on a LIE??? Free All Pot Prisnors.. let them WORK and TAX them, WHY lock people up OVER a LIE ?????

  2. @Daniel, You're absolutely right! It's a shame that anybody is locked up for smoking weed. Alcohol is way more dangerous but you don't get locked up for having a beer. Why would anybody go to prison for smoking a joint? Just because we just choose to use a less harmful recreational substance? It's crazy!

  3. Wow it is hard to fathom the depths of how 'big' this MedicaL M.j setup/system will get.. or having the facilities now in place utilised to near full saturation ?? i am interested, i live in Australia, Oz. and i thinK the smoking population, let alone the "real" medicaL patients would react really positively to a Pro-marijuana-legislation...