Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pro-marijuana Candidate Gary Johnson Announces Bid for White House

   The potheads may finally have their man. 
   Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson announced today that he will be running for the presidency in 2012. Johnson has libertarian views and may be best know for his efforts to fully legalize marijuana in New Mexico. He was also able to balance New Mexico's budget while also cutting taxes.
   I have a lot of hope for Johnson. He's one of the only politicians that I've seen that has the balls to actually tell the truth about marijuana and take a common sense approach to the issue.
   He probably doesn't have a real chance of winning the race, but maybe if enough of us tokers get together we can tip the scales in his favor and actually wind up with a president that would do some good for the country. What a novel idea. Good luck Mr. Johnson!

Read more about this story here.

UPDATE: Online Magazine Death & Taxes has a good piece on Johnson's announcement.

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