Friday, April 22, 2011

Presidental Candidate Gary Johnson on Marijuana Legalization and Other Issues

Yesterday former New Mexico governor announced his candidacy for President in 2012 and appeared on CNN to discuss his stances on a few issues. Johnson is well know for pushing for marijuana legalization in New Mexico and briefly discussed the topic of legalization in the CNN interview yesterday.
Johnson takes a very libertarian view on the issue saying that people should be allowed to smoke pot responsibly if they're not hurting anyone else.
   "It will never be legal to smoke pot, become impaired and get behind the wheel of a car or do harm to others, and it's never going to be legal for kids to smoke pot or to buy pot," Johnson said.
   Johnson also didn't back down from admitting his own past marijuana use, something I respect him for. It takes balls for a political candidate to put the truth out there like that, and Johnson should be commended.
   You can watch the full CNN interview Gary Johnson below:


  1. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem likely to me that he's gonna get elected. Even if he did, Congress would have a fit and veto everything he did. Anybody who has a strong opinion on anything controversial is going to lose a lot of moderates along with those who really oppose the issue.

    Interesting that he's running as a Republican-- that'll get the attention of a lot of conservatives, who might really agree with his spending policy. He's really thought this through, and he makes perfect sense. And I love how he doesn't smash his opponents.

    What a great guy! I'll vote for him, for sure.

  2. I'm hoping that his stance on spending will get him elected and the fact that he's pro-marijuana will just be a bonus, but the media will probably won't let anybody forget that he's pro-marijuana. Did you notice how eager the interviewer was to bring up the subject in the CNN interview? And she wouldn't let it go! It's not like marijuana reform is a main part of his platform or anything. He just uses common sense on the issue, which is why I like him.
    Thanks for the comment Minna!