Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Montana Passes Overhaul of Medical Marijuana Programs to Imposes Strictest Rules in the Country

Medical marijuana patients in Montana may have a much harder time finding their medicine and new patients may have a much harder time qualifying for the state's program after lawmakers passed a bill Wednesday to set new regulations and restrictions on patients, doctors and lawyers. The bill is now headed to the governor's desk for a final approval.
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The bill would set the strictest medical marijuana rules among the 15 states that have legalized it's use. Under the new law caregivers would only be allowed to provide marijuana for three patients, which will pretty much make dispensaries a thing of the past in the state. Patients will also be required to have an established relationship with the physician making their medical marijuana recommendation and if they're trying to get a recommendation for Chronic Pain, the most common use for medical marijuana, they'll have to provide proof that they do indeed have chronic pain.
Supporters of the stricter regulations acknowledge that it will cut access for sick individuals, but say it's worth it to rein in the industry that they say is out of control.

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