Friday, April 22, 2011

Strain Review: Strawberry Cough

Overview: I absolutely love Strawberry Cough. It is truly among my favorite strains out there, and when I want to kick back and relax it's second to none. I'm mostly a sativa lover, but when the evening rolls around and I'm getting ready to hit the sack, I enjoy a nice indica too and well-grown Strawberry Cough is amongst the finest indicas I've tried. The flavor is very unique and when I find myself craving it, nothing else will do. I've also dried some samples of this strain that were quite obviously old and dried out and the smoking experience was so-so at best. Take the time to find some freshly clipped Strawberry Cough and you won't be disappointed. The sample I got from SDOC was fresh and delicious!

Purchased From: San Diego Organic Collective, Inc.

Looks:As you can see in the photo above, this sample of Strawberry Cough was one beautiful bud! The dark green nug had tons of rust red hairs growing all over it and had very good trichome coverage. 

Taste/Smell: Strawberry Cough has an odd smell. It has the earthy aromas typical of most indicas, but there's also something else that I haven't quite been able to put my finger on. The only way I can think of to describe it is that it smells kind of like a freshly-cleaned house. Windex? Pinesol? Pledge? I'm not exactly sure. It's very unique though.
   This strain has a taste unlike any other. I love the taste and as I said before, I often get cravings for it. Like the smell, Strawberry Cough has an earthy base but with bright, metallic overtones. The flavor will stay in your mouth long after taking hit and it will stay on your mind even longer. When I smoke Strawberry Cough, I get a very distinct metallic flavor in mouth sort of like the coppery taste of pennies, but others have told me that they don't get the same metallic taste, so maybe it's just me. Either way Strawberry Cough tastes great if you like earthy/dirty tasting buds.

Buzz: You'll know this is good stuff as soon as it hits your lungs and you start gasping for air. True to it's name, Strawberry Cough is massively expansive. Small hits are recommended for those with smaller lung capacity. Like most indicas, Strawberry Cough has a bit of a narcotic effect, tending to make you drowsy, lazy and lethargic, which is just what I look for in a good bedtime bud. I have to say though that the 'couch-lock' effects from this strain is not nearly as bad as some other indicas I've tried. I could smoke a few bowls of Strawberry Cough and function just fine.

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