Friday, April 22, 2011

Strain Review: Golden Kush

Overview: I got this nug of Golden Kush as a surprise 4/20 present and it didn’t fail to brighten up my day. This sample was organically grown in the Lake Tahoe area and if I had to pick one word to describe this strain, it would be ‘mellow’.

Looks: Golden Kush definitely lives up to it’s name. This nug was almost completely covered in golden hairs and gigantic crystals. I think it’s actually one of the prettiest buds I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a whole lot of weed!

Taste/Smell: Very mellow, very mild. I only had about a gram of this stuff, so I didn’t really get a great smell, but the taste was very delicate and soothing. A sweet smoke with the slightest hints of citrusy overtones. The taste was not too strong and a little hard to pin down, but it wasn’t too bad at all. Nothing to write home about though.

Buzz: Again, this stuff got me into a really mellow mood and I felt very creative, but the buzz wasn’t too strong at all. I think this would be a good strain for people with muscle pain because it instantly relaxed me and took all the tension out of every muscle in my body. A couple hours after smoking Golden Kush I was out like a light, so it might be good for insomnia too!

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