Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hawaii To Scale Back Medical Marijuana Program?

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Hawaii state lawmakers will vote tomorrow on a bill that would drastically scale back the state's medical marijuana program.
Under the proposed law, sponsored by Senate Health Chairman Josh Green, would limit marijuana prescriptions to those with cancer, AIDS, HIV, Glaucoma and Multiple Sclerosis and would establish one state-run marijuana distribution center on whichever island has the biggest demand.
Green, who is a medical physician says that marijuana should only be used to treat degenerative diseases and not common injuries. The new pilot program would be active for two years on a trial basis.

My Two Cents:
This is so fucking stupid. Why would you limit marijuana access to these five diseases? What is the reasoning behind this? Are some disease better than others? What do you tell all the people with Crohn's Disease or Extreme Anxiety whose quality of life are immensely improved by marijuana? Why shouldn't they be able to use this medicine too? It's like saying you can only use asprin for hangnails. What if I get a headache?
And limiting access to one distribution point is also retarded considering the state's geographical make-up. I guess Josh Green wants cancer patients and other very sick people to have to travel in some cases for hours to get the medicine they need? What a joke. Fuck you Josh Green.
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