Saturday, April 23, 2011

Arizona Approves 80 Percent of Medical Marijuana Applications

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   It has been one week since the state of Arizona started accepting applications for it's fledgling medical marijuana program and the Arizona Department of Health Services announced in a press release yesterday that 80 percent of people who have applied have been approved.
   According to the press release, the largest age group to apply for legal use of marijuana was 50 and up, with 40-50 coming in next and most of the applicants lived in the Phoenix or Tuscon regions, but there were applicants spread throughout the state.
   A total of 718 people applied and 597 of those were approved. Most of the applicants are being treated for Chronic Pain, but licenses were also issued for patients with cancer, AIDS, glaucoma and Crohn's Disease.
   Arizona is expected to begin licensing dispensaries in June and patients are expected to start receiving their medicine by late summer.

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