Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wake & Bake For Feb. 13, 2014: Your Morning Marijuana Headlines

- Great news today! 18 members of Congress signed a petition asking President Obama to reclassify marijuana, saying it doesn't belong on the list of Schedule 1 (heroin, ecstasy, LSD) or Schedule II (cocaine, methamphetamine) drugs.

- Rhode Island lawmakers say they're in favor of legalized (and taxed) marijuana.

- Italy's constitutional court has overturned a law equating cannabis with heroin.

- A man was busted for allegedly growing a "tree-sized" cannabis plant in his back yard.

- This event will explore "cannabis vs. cancer".

- NORML founder Keith Stroup says he's moving to Colorado.

- England may get it's first "Amsterdam style cannabis cafe".

- A bill that would have legalized marijuana in New Mexico failed to pass the Senate Rules Committee.

And finally, check out these cool Batman and Joker pipes!

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