Monday, February 17, 2014

Wake & Bake For Feb. 17, 2014: Your Morning Marijuana Headlines

Good morning Chronicle readers! Here are a few headlines to start your morning:

- A Spanish man reportedly went into a coma after eating birthday cake laced with Marijuana. I suspect there were other factors at play.

- A law under consideration in Maryland would allow landlords to ban the use or cultivation of medical marijuana.

- The Olympics have set a higher threshold when drug testing athletes for marijuana.

- The Peoria Journal Star in Illinois points out the conflict between marijuana laws and the vehicle code.

- Jane Marcus Ph.D, former board member of Women of Reform Judaism, tells us about the holy history of cannabis.

- Police uncovered a 'cavern of cannabis' in New Zealand.

- A new poll shows that New Yorkers support medical marijuana.

- And finally, Miley Cyrus kicked off her new tour in a gaudy cannabis leaf leotard.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Government Sets Marijuana Banking Rules

The Obama administration announced today that rules have been set for banks dealing with those who
legally sell marijuana.

Previously, most banks have refused to work with marijuana dispensaries due to fear of being prosecuted for handling drug money, which has led many to run cash only businesses. As a result, marijuana dispensaries have become targets for thieves looking for a big cash score.

The new rules, which were issued by the Treasury and Justice Departments, are intended to "move from the shadows the historically covert financial operations of marijuana businesses," said Jennier Shasky Calvery, director of the Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network in an interview with NBC News.

Under the new regulations, banks will be required to verify that the marijuana dealers they're working with are properly licensed and will be required to report any signs that dealers are engaging in illegal transactions.

Wake & Bake For Feb. 14, 2014: Your Morning Marijuana Headlines

Happy ValENTines Day everybody! Here are a few headlines to start your day:

- Maryland's gubernatorial candidates share their opinions on marijuana.

- Market Watch does not recommend buying stock in marijuana.

- Mexico City is considering legalizing the sale of marijuana.

- The New York Times says that we "urgently need valid data" on medical marijuana.

- Wisconsin lawmakers support the legalization of recreational marijuana. 

- Russel Brand calls for drug reform in Britain.

- The Weed Blog reviews medical marijuana strain Grand Daddy Purple.

- And Finally, check out this gallery of amazing blunt art!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wake & Bake For Feb. 13, 2014: Your Morning Marijuana Headlines

- Great news today! 18 members of Congress signed a petition asking President Obama to reclassify marijuana, saying it doesn't belong on the list of Schedule 1 (heroin, ecstasy, LSD) or Schedule II (cocaine, methamphetamine) drugs.

- Rhode Island lawmakers say they're in favor of legalized (and taxed) marijuana.

- Italy's constitutional court has overturned a law equating cannabis with heroin.

- A man was busted for allegedly growing a "tree-sized" cannabis plant in his back yard.

- This event will explore "cannabis vs. cancer".

- NORML founder Keith Stroup says he's moving to Colorado.

- England may get it's first "Amsterdam style cannabis cafe".

- A bill that would have legalized marijuana in New Mexico failed to pass the Senate Rules Committee.

And finally, check out these cool Batman and Joker pipes!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wake & Bake For Feb. 12, 2014: Your Morning Marijuana Headlines

- Apparently kids these days are buying and selling a lot of marijuana over social media.

- Another Texas politician, Wendy Davis, has come out in support of medical marijuana. She also made comments echoing those made by Rick Perry last week arguing that the penalties for marijuana possession should be less harsh.

- A Vietnamese man arrested for growing cannabis told police he thought the plants where an ingredient for restaurant food.

- High Times Magazine is suing the state of Colorado for restricting marijuana advertising.

- A new study has found that cannabis may help to stop the spread of HIV.

- The Weed Blog reviews medical marijuana strain Sour Grapes.

- A new poll shows that the majority of Kentuckians support legalizing medical marijuana.

- Valentines Day is almost here, make your sweetheart a joint rose this year!

- Police find 638 marijuana plants at a fish and chips shop.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Marijuana Strain Review: Green Lantern

This bud of Green Lantern is one of the top-shelf offerings from Canna Express in San Luis Obispo, CA and it doesn't disappoint. This Sativa features gorgeous orange hairs, a nice citrus aroma with undertones of skunkiness and a nice heady high that won't weigh you down. I could see this strain being great for depression. It sure lifted my spirits!

Wake & Bake For Feb. 11, 2014: Your Morning Marijuana Headlines

Good morning Chronicle readers! Here are a few headlines to start your Tuesday:

- Johnny Depp was spotted hanging out with Marilyn Manson and holding a glass marijuana pipe.

- A new bill has been introduced that would legalize medical marijuana in Florida.

- Supporters of medical marijuana in Oklahoma will rally at the State Capitol Wednesday.

- Patrick Kennedy (yes, he's one of those Kennedys) will appear on the Colbert Report to advocate for marijuana prohibition.

- The Smithsonian provides a scientific explanation for why marijuana causes the munchies!

- The Weed Blog reviews medical marijuana strain Sweet Tooth. Looks yummy!

- Cartoonist Gary Trudeau has been addressing Colorado marijuana legalization in his 'Doonesbury' strip.

- Thousands of ents showed up for the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino over the weekend.

- The world's first cannabis University has opened it's doors in Florida.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

'McGruff the Crime Dog' Sentenced for Marijuana Grow-Op

   An actor from Texas whose work history includes dressing up as 'McGruff the Crime Dog' and visiting schools to to denounce the use of drugs has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for running a sophisticated marijuana growing operation out of his home.

   John R. Morales was arrested after being pulled over by police in Texas in 2011 and found with cannabis seeds and blueprints for an indoor grow facility.

   Police searched Morales' home and found 1,000 cannabis plants along with an arsenal of 27 weapons, including a grenade launcher.

   Morales was sentenced Friday to 16 years and three months on weapons and drug charges. He portrayed McGruff for the Harris County Sheriff's Association in the 1990's.