Saturday, February 16, 2013

Strain Review: Humboldt Chem Dawg

Humboldt Chem Dawg from IV Green Rush Collective in El Centro, CA
   For the past couple of years I've been getting my meds from the Desert Wellness Patients Association, mainly because they were the only game in town. Desert Wellness NEVER disappoints on their top-shelf buds, they are almost always of superb quality, but for those of us on a budget Desert Wellness's top shelf buds are often not affordable at $110 for a quarter-ounce. Desert Wellness does offer some lower shelf buds at $80 per quarter but the quality is not always the greatest.

   The newest dispensary delivery service in the Imperial Valley, IV Green Rush Collective is now giving Desert Wellness some competition. I've ordered from Green Rush a few times and most of the buds I got were not properly cured and were very dry, but my most recent order, a quarter of Humboldt Chem Dawg, was of top-notch quality and was $90 for a quarter-ounce versus $110 for Desert Wellness top-shelf. Kudos to Green Rush for giving us a budget option for top-shelf meds! 

    The Humboldt Chem Dawg from Green Rush is a pleasure to smoke. Nice, dense buds with good trichome coverage and lots of bright orange hairs, and an unbelievable taste. The delicious hashiness will linger on your tongue for hours. The medication is extremely effective and long-lasting. Great for pain relief and inspiring creative feelings. 

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