Thursday, October 20, 2011

Medical Marijuana Product Review: Kief

   I’ve been a huge fan of kief, also known as keef, since the first time I tried it. So what is kief? For the uninitiated, kief is a fine powder made up of the collected resin glands of the cannabis plant. Kief can be collected directly from the plant by shaking the branches and holding something under the plant to collected the falling kief, or it can be collected in specially designed bud grinders that have a sifter built into the bottom to collect the kief. Kief can also be bought in many medical marijuana dispensaries in California. I got mine from the San Diego Organic Collective on Shelter Island Drive. SDOC regularly stocks at least four different kinds of kief and they’re super friendly too! Check them out if you’re in the area.

   Whatever way you manage to come by your kief, you’re sure to enjoy it. Smoking kief is similar to smoking good hash. It’s quite a bit stronger than the highest grade buds, providing a sleep-inducing, dreamy, opium-like high that lasts for a long time. The area where kief bests hash is in the flavor. Good kief has a wonderful flavor that is hard to describe and must be experienced. It’s strong and biting, sort of like a cigarette but tastier, and has a hashy, spicy flavor that will linger in your mouth forever.

   You can smoke kief any number of ways. It can be smoked in a bowl, but you’ll need to pack quite a bit to make sure you don’t just suck it through and it will burn up pretty quickly. I’ve also smoked it out of a bong with similar results.

   My favorite way to smoke kief is as a supplement to regular weed. You can sprinkle it on top of your favorite buds to give your first couple of hit’s a little extra oomph, or you can put it on schwag to transform it into high-grade. Either way the kief seems to smoke better when sprinkled on top of another medium. It’s just too fine to smoke by itself, but if you do I recommend rolling it into a little ball before putting it in your bowl. The more compacted, the better.

   Kief generally runs around $10 a gram, but you won’t need much more than a hit at a time and a gram goes a long way, especially if you’re just adding it to buds.

   I hope all you stoners out there get a chance to try kief some day because it really is a pleasant experience. Happy smoking!

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