Monday, October 24, 2011

Company Offers Line of 4:20 Watches and Clocks for that "Special Time of Day"

The Cadence Watch Company, a Philadelphia-based business that sells novelty time keepers, is offering a line of special watches and clocks that any stoner would appreciate. Each clock has only one time represented in numbers on it's face: 4:20.

All of the descriptions for the watches and clocks on the Cadence Web site read:

"If you think 4:20 is the most important time of day, this watch is for you. If you have no idea why 4:20 is a special time of day, there is nothing here for you."

The wall clock features shatter-resistant polycarbonate safety crystal and a high-impact, black plastic textured case. The watches are water resistant and come with your choice of leather or steel straps.

You can check out the full line of Cadence watches and clocks here. Unfortunately, there is only one model of wall clock and they appear to be sold out at the moment. 

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