Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Teen Smokes Weed, Runs Bike Into Car, Reports Fake Hit and Run

The Sacramento Bee is reporting that a Placerville, CA teen is in Juvenile Hall Tuesday after reporting a fake hit and run report to cover up the fact that he had been smoking marijuana with his friends.

The kid eventually admitted to police that he actually ran his bike into a parked car.

"His bike was damaged it was clearly involved in some sort of accident," Sacramento Police Captain Mike Scott said.

The boy suffered a possible shoulder separation and other injuries in the incident.
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State Unfair: Marijuana Group Banned from Willie Nelson Concert

Marijuana activist group Nebraska Cannabis Coalition had planned to pass out literature and gather signatures at a Willie Nelson concert at the Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island this week, but instead they aren't even being allowed inside the fairgrounds.

In an interview with the Nebraska World-Herald, Nebraska State Fair Director Joseph McDermott said he didn't want the signature gathers 'roaming the fairgrounds' and that they should apply for a booth at the fair if they want to collect signatures. However, NCC spokesperson Myra Oppy said she tried for two months to get a booth and was not allowed.

State Senator Paul Schumacher told the World-Herald that he wasn't sure about the legality of banning the group from the fair, saying:

“The State Fair is the epitome of a public forum.I don't think a federal court would look with much kindness at limiting public expression at the fair.”

Since being notified of the ban NCC has changed their plans and will rally outside the front gates of the fair during the concert by Willie Nelson.

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Snoop Dogg To Debut New Video

According to a post on Snoop Dogg's Facebook page, he will be debuting a new music video from his latest album 'Doggumentary' on the Colt 45 Facebook page some time today. Don't forget to check it out!

Cannabis Plant May Provide Superior Antibiotic

ABC News is reporting that scientists in Italy are experimenting with using an extract of the cannabis plant as an antibiotic to treat infections of drug-resistant bacteria.

The scientists applied the extracts from five different cannabinoids to MRSA bacteria and found that they were at least as effective as other modern antibiotics.

"The cannabinoids even showed exceptional activity against the MRSA strain that makes extra amounts of the proteins that give the bugs resistance against many antibiotics," said Simon Gibbons a researcher with the School of Pharmacy at the University of London. "These proteins, he explains, allow the bacteria to "hoover up unwanted things from inside the cell and spit them out again."
Apparently scientists have known since the 50s that marijuana had antibiotic properties, but because it's illegal they haven't been able to study it much.

Read the full report here.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

MCN Announces Marijuana Search Engine, Ad Network

The Medical Cannabis Network announced today that they will be launching "the industry's very first marijuana-based search engine", called Cheeba.com, which will include a cannabis-friendly advertising network.

"MCN was created to fill the gaps in the marijuana industry, and what we've been seeing over the years is that cannabis-based businesses are continually denied services from online ad networks," said Jason Draizin, Chairman and CEO of MCN. "Not only does this prevent cannabis companies from utilizing the Internet to grow their businesses, but it also blocks companies from reaching out to the very real medical marijuana community. We launched Cheeba to step up and fulfill those needs."
No word yet on when Cheeba.com will be officially launched. Right now a visit to Cheeba.com yields nothing but an unimpressive Web site and a message that new members are not being accepted right now.

We'll have to keep our eyes on this project.
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Washington Man Arrested for Marijuana on Hunger Strike

Jerry Laberdee
Medical marijuana activists and supporters rallied at the Federal Courthouse in Spokane, Washington today to protest the arrest of dispensary owner Jerry Laberdee last week.

Medical Herb Providers, a dispensary run by Laberdee was raided by federal agents and Spokane police last May as part of a broader crack down on dispensaries in Washington. Agents seized 32 pot plants, $1,400 in cash, several ounces of ready-to-smoke marijuana and several electronic devices and charged Laberdee with possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute.

Laberdee was released on the condition that he quit smoking pot, get rid of any he still had and submitted to random drug tests. Laberdee was arrested last week when he refused to submit to a drug test and he hasn't eaten since, saying he won't eat again until he's released and allowed to smoke medical marijuana. Laberdee uses medical marijuana for a variety of chronic pain issues.

"I want people to open their eyes and realize this is not just about marijuana, it's about our constitutional rights are being stripped away," Laberdee's daughter Jessica Vogel told the Seattle Weekly.

"People should be rioting in the streets," she said.

Vogel is encouraging people to send words of encouragement to her father at:

Jerry Laberdee
1100 W. Mallon St.
Spokane WA 99260
Cell block 4518w

The Chronicle salutes Jerry's brave efforts to stand up for the rights of medical marijuana patients everywhere. In our opinion he is a true defender of liberty and the American way. Hang in there brother!
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Wired Magazine Releases Map Showing Price of Marijuana Across the U.S.

A map developed by the Web site Floating Sheep for the September issue of Wired Magazine shows the average price of marijuana across the nation.

The graphic was created using data from the Web site Priceofweed.com which tracks information on the sales of marijuana. 

Unfortunately it looks like I live in one of the yellow, or high-cost, areas. I really need to move! Check out the map below:

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Scientists: Endocannabinoid System a 'Bodyguard for the Brain'

According to a report from ScienceDaily, researchers from the Universities of Bonn and Mainz have discovered a link between cannabinoid receptors in the brain and the aging process.

Cannabinoid receptors are a protein in the brain that can bind with another substance, such as THC (the active ingredient in marijuana), to set off a chain of signals. 

The scientists genetically modified mice to turn off their cannabinoid receptors and noticed that their brains degenerated at a much faster rate. 

You can read the full story here.
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Manhunt on for Pot Farmer Who Killed City Council Member

Jere Melo
An army of heavily-armed police in Fort Bragg, Calif. are on the hunt today for Aaron Bassler, a marijuana farmer suspected of shooting and killing Fort Bragg city council member Jere Melo.

Melo was shot to death Saturday morning in a remote area of forest near the Noyo River east of Fort Bragg. He was investigating rumors of a marijuana farm with another man who managed to escape and call police on a cell phone. By the time police arrived however, Bassler was long gone.

Bassler has a history of run-ins with the law and a rap sheet that makes him sound like a fucking psycho. He was arrested earlier this year for running a truck onto a school tennis court, and in 2009 he was arrested for sparking a bomb scare at the Chinese consulate in San Francisco by ditching packages near the building. The packages contained red stars and ramblings about alien armies and Chinese weapons.

If you have any doubt about this dude being completely batshit insane, just check out his picture for Christs' sake. Pretty scary:
Aaron Bassler = Fucking Psycho!

Oh, and if you see him around, let him know the police are looking for him!

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Police Find Stolen Car Loaded With 650 Pounds of Marijuana

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that police in Atlanta investigating a report of gunfire found a stolen vehicle loaded with 650 lbs. of marijuana in 54 bales along with $7,000 in cash.

Earlier the same day the owner of the vehicle was shot in the knee by a gunman in the parking lot of a Waffle House

Read the full story here.
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Man Claims Marijuana Oil is Curing His Skin Cancer

Michael McShane
CBS News in Detroit is reporting on a Michigan man named Michael McShane who claims that using oil made from medical marijuana is causing his skin cancer to disappear.

McShane says he's been using a topical solution extracted from medical marijuana on the skin cancer on his forehead and now he says it's almost gone.

“I’ve got biopsies, chart notes, photographs … in about three weeks I’m going to go back and really wrap this part of the case up,” McShane told CBS News.

McShane's dermatologist, Dr. Ali Moiin, says he didn't recommend the marijuana cream and denies that McShane is completely cured, but he agrees that the cancerous cells have decreased by as much as 60 percent.

McShane says he doesn't experience any euphoria from the topical solution, but admits that he has smoked marijuana since he was a teen.

“It went from a party to a cure for cancer,” he said.
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Police: Woman asked for ID pulls out marijuana

What a dumbass!:

Police: Woman asked for ID pulls out marijuana - Florida Wires - MiamiHerald.com

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jeff Bridges: No Pot While I'm Working

The Dude abides!
British Web site femalefirst.co.uk has quoted American actor Jeff Bridges as saying he doesn't smoke weed when he's working:

"If it's offered I'll take it but I'm not a regular smoker, despite what people may think. I don't smoke when I work because I want to have my wits about me. Besides sobriety is a wonderful high," Bridges said.

The misconception that Bridges is a heavy marijuana smoker most likely stems from his 1998 role as Jeff Lebowski in the Cohen brothers' cult film 'The Big Lebowski'. In the movie Bridges' character constantly smokes joints, sometimes in inappropriate places or at inappropriate times. 

In the immortal words of 'The Dude' himself: "Mind if I do a J?"
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NASCAR Driver Suspended For Using Medical Pot

I'm really not a big NASCAR fan (what's so exciting about watching rednecks driver in circles?) but I really feel sorry for this guy:

I also suffer from terrible back pain and I know just how bad it can suck. It's not like the guy was racing while he's high. That would be idiotic/borderline suicidal considering the speeds these guys race at and I don't believe anyone (even a NASCAR driver) would be so stupid. 
So lay off the guy and let him have his medicine! I'm sure there are plenty of NASCAR drivers that go out and drink themselves silly on a regular basis, but this guy can't smoke a little weed to help his pain? Fuck you NASCAR!
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Scientists Learning to Make Medical Marijuana That Doesn't Get You High

Medicinal Genomics, a small Massachusetts-based company, has claimed that they have completely unlocked the genetic structure of the cannabis plant, although the findings haven't yet undergone a peer review.

According to the company, the breakthrough means that scientists may one day be able to take away the psychoactive properties of marijuana while retaining or even enhancing it's medical properties. 

In other words, they will be able to create marijuana that won't get you high, but will still help with medical problems such as cancer, AIDS and glaucoma. 

My question is: Why?

Are the psychoactive effects of marijuana really all that terrible? 

This might be a good thing for medical marijuana patients that need to drive on a regular basis, but for the rest of us it just sucks. 

I can see it coming already: One day the government will crack down on state medical marijuana programs because they will have developed an 'alternative' that is heavily taxed like other prescription medications and doesn't get you high. One day they will use this as an excuse to shut down MMJ programs. Mark my words.

The fact the marijuana can be grown at home and circumvent the entire tax system is the only reason that it is still illegal. The government knows it can't tax weed, so they are trying as hard as they can to develop these 'alternatives' that can be taxed. It's only a matter of time before they try to covert every MMJ patient in the country over to their taxable, high-less version of THC.

Remember, JUST SAY NO to fake weed!
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