Friday, June 3, 2011

Russia: Global Drug Panel Has Ties to Mafia

Viktor Ivanov
In a statement issued today, Viktor Ivanov, head of the Russian Federal Drug Control Service, slammed a global panel's recommendation to decriminalize drugs, calling the recommendation "propaganda of drug abuse" and accusing it's authors of supporting drug cartels and narcotics mafias.

“We have to realise that we are dealing with global propaganda of illicit drugs here,” said Federal Drug Control Service head Viktor Ivanov, commenting on a report by the Global Commission on Drug Policy.

The panel, made up of former world leaders, issued their statement yesterday, calling for the decriminalization of all drugs, but especially marijuana.

Ivanov also hinted that former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who led the Commission, could have links with international drug cartels.

"This propaganda campaign is linked to the huge profits (from sales of illicit drugs) that are estimated at about $800 billion annually, Mr. Ivanov told reporters Friday.

Ivanov also said he has conferred with his U.S. counterpart, Gil Kerlikowske, and the two agreed that the global panel had reached "unacceptable conclusions". 
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