Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gary Johnson: Global Panel is Right About Failed Drug War

Gary Johnson
Presidential candidate and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who has openly supported marijuana legalization in the past, released a statement today in response to a global panel's call to legalize drugs.

Johnson writes:

“The Global Commission on Drug Policy got it right. When credible and thoughtful leaders from such a broad political and policy spectrum unite to declare the War on Drugs a failure, it is time for policy makers in the U.S. to pay attention.

“The Commission’s report correctly points out that prohibition has not worked – and will not work, and has instead fueled the proliferation of crime syndicates and cartels.

“I’ve spoken with literally thousands of people all across the country about this issue, and it is clear to me that Americans are more than ready to consider rational alternatives to prohibition that will accomplish more than simply filling up jails. What is lacking is the political courage among elected officials to face reality and reform a system that is obviously not working.”

“Let there be no doubt. Drug abuse is a very real problem. But after decades of failure, it is time to try a different approach to address that problem. The Global Commission on Drug Policy’s Report confirms that fact."
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