Monday, May 2, 2011

Strain Review: Blackberry Kush

Overview: I happened upon a couple of grams of Blackberry Kush on Friday, and let me tell you, it made my weekend a whole lot more relaxing! I’m usually a sativa lover and like the ‘uppy’ highs provided by strains like Green Crack and Blue Dream, but it was actually nice to relax with a good indica for a change and Blackberry Kush actually didn’t give me terrible couch-lock. It was one of the better samples of Kush that I’ve tried.

Purchased From: Desert Cannabuds in Calexico, CA

Looks: This sample of Blackberry Kush had short, stubby, dark green leaves interspersed with a few leaves that were a dark shade of purple. The nugs were also covered with short, dark gold hairs and were frosted with deep amber colored resin glands.

Taste/Smell: The flavor and smell of Blackberry Kush was very delicate indeed. A solid earthy base was intermingled with a slight skunkiness. The buds left a hashy, metallic taste in my mouth. I’m not sure were the name comes from, because I didn’t detect any berry flavor at all. Then again, Blueberry doesn’t really taste like Blueberries to me either, so maybe it’s just me. Blackberry Kush was pleasant, mild and sweet but nothing to write home about.

Buzz: I love the buzz I got from this stuff. It came on in the head first, with a pulsating warmness enveloping the area around my eyes. It felt sort of like I had a warm, fuzzy halo around my head. After a few minutes the body high kicked in and it felt like every muscle in my body went slack. I sunk back in my chair feeling lighter than air. I wandered through the rest of my day in a dreamy revelry.
I started in on these buds first thing in the morning with a nice wake and bake session and continued to smoke a few hits throughout the day. Most of the time when I smoke indicas I get lazy as hell right away, but Blackerberry Kush actually didn’t weigh me down at all until the evening when I had already gone through about four bowls and it hit me all at once. I was tired as hell that night and couldn’t keep my eyes open at all. The lesson learned? If you’re going to smoke Blackberry Kush all day long, start a little later. Overall these were some very nice buds indeed and I’ll be looking for some again the next time I want to relax.

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  1. Got some recently. Great hippie hay indeed. I agree with the warm, fuzzy halo around your head bit; however it is quite soothing and comforting. xD Smoke away.