Monday, May 16, 2011

The Chronicle's Douchebag of the Week: Barack Obama

Before the election in 2008, I remember hearing that now-famous quote from Obama:

"When I was a kid I inhaled frequently. That was the point," Obama said in answer to a question about his previous marijuana use.

I was really happy that we finally had a candidate that had the balls to admit that he smoked pot and liked it, unlike Bill 'I didn't inhale' Clinton.

I voted for Obama mainly because I thought he stood a better chance of getting marijuana legalized than John McCain did. Turns out I was wrong.

Not only has Obama failed to move marijuana legalization forward, he's remained tight-lipped on the subject, refusing to seriously address the issue. He's also allowed raids on medical marijuana dispensaries to continue unabated and allowed the arrest and prosecution of seriously-ill medical marijuana patients to continue.

When Obama hosted an open Q&A forum on Facebook last year, he accepted questions from Facebook users and allowed them to vote on the questions they wanted answered. Every one of the top questions had to do with marijuana. Obama briefly answered the questions saying that marijuana legalization is a "totally legitimate topic for debate," before quickly changing the subject.

Obama hosted another Facebook forum last month, but didn't allow users to vote on questions the second time around. Even though Obama's Facebook wall was blitzed with users asking about marijuana and requesting that he address the issue, he failed to even mention the topic.

Mr. Obama, you've broken my heart. You promised us change and delivered the same old bullshit. That's why you're The Chronicle's Douchebag of the Week


  1. Yeah it's too bad. Goes to show the state of politics today, when someone gets in office with the ability to do some good and they shy away.

  2. I would like to nominate Peter Bell, for next weeks douchebag.
    John Gilmore said:
    “Autism Speaks still has the former worldwide Risperdal marketing manager, Peter Bell, in a key executive position. And as far as I am concerned Mr. Bell has a lot of questions to answer about what he knew, and when, about the side-effects of Risperdal and Janssen's efforts to keep that information from the public.”

    Autism Speaks does not speak for me Ariana or any other Risperdal victims.
    Please support real Autism charities like Unconventional Foundation for Autism:
    And Animals for Autism