Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Details on 'Weeds' Season 7

A teaser photo for Weeds Season 7
The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Martin Short, Aidan Quinn and Lindsay Sloane have all signed on to make guest appearances in the upcoming season of Showtime's acclaimed series 'Weeds'.

The show is entering it's 7th Season and according to creator Jenji Kohan it may be the last:

"In my mind, it is. Everyone's contract is up next year, [including] the actors and mine. Seven years is a good run, and I'd rather leave while on top. I'd never say never, but I have a feeling this might be it," Kohan said in an interview with TV Guide last November.

Season 7 will jump ahead three years and pick up with lead character Nancy Botwin being released from prison and the rest of the family having established lives in Denmark where they were headed at the end of last season. Word has it the new season is set to take place mostly in New York City and will center around Nancy's life in a halfway house. 

Short is set to play an eccentric lawyer, Quinn will play a charismatic investment firm CEO and Sloane will appear in six episodes as artist Maxeen.

Jennifer Jason Leigh will also return for four episodes as Nancy's sister.

Season 7 premiers on June 27.
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California Industrial Hemp Bill Passes Senate Vote

The California State Senate voted 22-14 today to pass SB-676 which would legalize the production of hemp for industrial purposes in the state. The law still faces a vote in the House of Representatives and must be signed by Gov. Jerry Brown before it will become law.

The bill is being sponsored by California Senator Mark Leno who says that the state is missing a "golden opportunity" by not allowing farmers to produce hemp.

Leno addressed the issue on his blog last week:
If you like shopping at your local natural foods or specialty grocery store, you’ve probably noticed the growing popularity of hemp as an ingredient in food and skin care products. Hemp seed, which is high in protein and essential fatty acids, is found in everything from bread, energy bars and waffles to coffee and protein powder. Thanks to its natural antioxidants and moisturizing oil, hemp is also a common ingredient in soaps, shampoos and lotions. Perhaps your favorite T-shirt is even made of hemp, which is an excellent alternative to cotton. 
Even though most of these consumer products are created by California companies, our farmers are prohibited from growing industrial hemp. Instead of buying hemp from local farmers, local manufacturers are importing thousands of dollars of hemp seed, oil and fiber from growers overseas.
California farmers are missing out on a golden opportunity to tap into the growing industrial hemp products business of food, clothing, shelter, paper and fuel, which would greatly benefit our state’s economy and family farmers. Industrial hemp is a perfect, environmentally sustainable crop for our state. It requires little or no pesticides and herbicides and produces two to four times more fiber than an acre of timber. Hemp grows quickly, can be harvested every 90 days and is a great rotational crop, especially for organic farmers.
The Chronicle applauds Leno's efforts to bring some common sense to the issue of hemp. Why should foreign growers and producers reap the profits from the hemp industry when we can grow it right here at home? Selling products made from hemp isn't illegal in the U.S., so why should growing hemp be illegal?

Since hemp has no psychoactive properties and can't be used as a drug like it's cousin marijuana, I can only assume that big business is behind the push to keep it illegal. I'm sure the lumber companies and the paper companies and the cotton growers and the oil producers are sending every lobbyist they've got  to try and stop this thing. Hemp is better, safe and cleaner than almost all of the products it would replace if legal.

If our country wasn't run by mega-corporations whose only motivation is the BOTTOM LINE, we might be able to advance some of these ideas that would benefit the common good, but until then I'm afraid the dollar is king and we the people just don't matter.

We urge California lawmakers and Governor Brown to end the madness and pass SB-676. It will bring in revenue for local farmers, gives us better products and help protect the environment. What's the down side?
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Canadian Medical Marijuana Advocates Form National Association

A group of medical marijuana advocates from across Canada announced today that they are forming a nation-wide association to ensure that "consistently high-quality patient care is available across the country".

The Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries, ran by a board of nine directors, contend that Canada's current medical marijuana program, Health Canada, has failed and is not providing patients with the care, education, support resources and medicine they need.

“Now is a crucial time to come together to create a nationwide system to ensure the highest standard of care for patients. Together the nine founding directors and advisory board members represent over 20,000 patients who access dispensaries,” said CAMCD Director Rade Kovacevic.

Among the group's top complaints about Health Canada is that the program makes patients wait too long before issuing a license for medical pot and that only one strain of Cannabis Indica is available to patients. 

Organizations that are part of the association include: B.C. Compassion Club Society, The Vancouver Dispensary Society, Vancouver Island Compassion Society in Victoria, Medical Cannabis Centre of Guelph, MedCannAccess in Toronto, Cannabis As Living Medicine in Toronto, Toronto Compassion Centre, Medical Cannabis Access Society in Montreal, and Montreal Compassion Center.
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Strain Review: Pineapple Express

Overview: Wow. All I can say is…….wow! This stuff is hot! I was a little worried that Pineapple Express wouldn’t live up to all the hype created by the movie, but it’s actually all I expected and more. But then again, as my regular readers will know, I’m a huge Sativa fan.

Pineapple Express is exactly the strain I’ve been looking for. It has a lovely, complex flavor and provides a full-on, straight-to-the-head Sativa blast, but will relax the shit out of your body too. It was also very smooth-smoking, not harsh at all, and didn’t make me cough too bad. I think this may be my new favorite strain!

Purchased From: Desert Cannabuds Delivery Service in Calexico, CA

Looks: The buds were a super pale shade of green with brighter green highlights, and they were some of the frostiest buds I’ve ever seen in my life. Tiny, pure white crystals filled up every nook and cranny of every bud and there was also nice array of long, dark brown hairs.

Taste/Smell: The taste and smell of Pineapple Express is absolutely amazing! As soon as I opened my medicine bottle and had a whiff, I was in love. I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but when I smell certain types of really good weed I have a tendency to blush and get tingles all over my body. Pineapple Express did this to me instantly. It's super fruity and slightly skunky, just like I like it!

I’m reminded of Seth Rogan’s reaction to smelling a bag of Pineapple Express in the movie ‘Pineapple Express‘:

“I want to live in here! I just want to shove it up my nose and have that smell all day!”

God’s vagina indeed.

Buzz: This is the best part. As I said before, Pineapple Express went straight to my head. This is the kind of weed that will lift you out of any funk instantly, providing inspiration and motivation. If you want to hang on the couch all day being lazy and play video games, go smoke some Kush. Pineapple Express will make you want to paint a picture or sing a song. It will make you want to take a hike in the woods or play your guitar. It’s very ‘uppy’ weed and the buzz lasts for hours.

In other words, this is some GOOD SHIT.

In case you missed it, here’s the clip from ‘Pineapple Express’ that I referenced above:

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Cold, Soggy Weather Could Drive Marijuana Growers to Lower Elevations in Washington State

A busted marijuana grow in Skamania County in 2009.
The Colombian Newspaper is reporting that local officials in Skamania County in Washington State are concerned for the safety of hikers and outdoor enthusiasts after the federal government issued a warning last week regarding dangerous marijuana cultivators moving to lower elevations in the area after a damp, cold spring.

Undersheriff Dave Cox, whose jurisdiction includes a huge piece of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest where several marijuana grows were found in very isolated areas last year, says that he's worried the harsh weather could force the cultivators into areas of the Forest that are used for recreation.

“We had a really cold spring, and with the snow level as low as it’s been, it will shorten up the growing season a bit,” Cox said in an interview with Colombian Reporter Tom Vogt. “It will force growers into areas lower than they usually would like. They may not have access to areas they have had in the past, where they can get deeper into the forest.”

Cox says people should be fine as long as they stick to established trails and that the warning mostly pertains to hunters.

“If folks travel off the trails, if they do cross-country kinds of things, they may run into” marijuana grows, Cox said. “If people recreate in the forest, we suggest they stay on trails used by the public.”

You can read the full story from The Columbian here.
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Montana Health Department Set to Start Issuing Medical Marijuana Cards Under New Rules

Medical Marijuana patients protest in Montana
Starting this Wednesday the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services will start issuing new medical marijuana cards for new patients who will be required to comply with the new rules set forth in the state's medical marijuana overhaul which Gov. Brian Schweitzer allowed to become law without his signature on May 14.

The new rules will be implemented for everyone on July 1, but the state has granted the Health Department emergency powers to issue cards under the new rules.

Montana's new program will be one of the strictest in the nation and will set forth new guidelines for patients using marijuana for Chronic Pain, the most common reason medical marijuana cards are issued. Under the new law, patients will have to provide proof that they suffer from chronic pain, such as an x-ray, or they will have to have two different physicians agree on the diagnosis.

The new law also sets up strict rules for cultivation and will essentially do away with the state's dispensary system. Starting July 1 marijuana can no longer be sold and caregivers must be volunteers who provide marijuana to no more than three patients. Caregivers also must register with the Health Department, be fingerprinted and submit to a background check.

The new rules will severely limit access to medical marijuana for the state's 30,000 patients, but some Montana residents aren't taking the changes sitting down. and have already staged protests and have filed a petition to have Judge Kathy Seeley removed and replaced with another judge during the process of appealing the overhaul bill SB423.
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Amsterdam to Require Official Government Pass to Buy Marijuana at Cafes

From the Associated Press:

AMSTERDAM (AP) — The Dutch Cabinet says it will push ahead with plans to force anyone wishing to purchase marijuana at the country's weed cafes to first obtain an official pass — a move designed to curtail tourists from buying the drug.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte says he plans to begin rolling out the system in the country's south later this year, an area popular with French and German buyers, before moving on to Amsterdam's famed tourist cafes later in his term.

Justice Ministry spokesman Wim van der Weegen said Friday the supreme court must still rule on whether foreigners can be blocked entirely.

Regardless, he said the plan will prevent cafes from issuing more than 1,500 permits in all, forcing shop owners to choose between tourists and their regular customers.
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Company to Offer Bottled Water Infused with Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Inc just announced that CannaBANK's patent pending Cannabidiol Extraction Process will allow for direct infusion of the health and wellness benefits providing CBD's into three new bottled water enhanced beverages.

This technology will be used by Medical Marijuana Inc. to bottle and distribute these beverages in the world beverage marketplace. Medical Marijuana Inc is reviewing several bids for the distribution rights in Latin America as well as the United States. Bottled drinking water market alone exceeds 8.7 billion gallons in the USA and is close approaching the Carbonated Soft Drink market in terms of annual sales.

CBD-infused water will have all the advantages of traditional pure spring water plus the added health and wellness benefits of CBD. The beverages will be marketed throughout similar distribution channels as bottled drinking water at retail and grocery outlets, so as to be readily available to the general populace in the next few months.

CBD is an extract from cannabis and contains none of the psycho-active ingredients of marijuana, known as THC. CBD has been well studied by major University Medical Research Schools in the United States. One CBD benefit is to reduce DNA damage due to free radical species, anti-aging of neural, CNS, COPD, and other cellular targets.

Dr. Donald Abrahms, chief of Hematology and Oncology from the University of California at San Francisco, has been researching CBD health benefits for many years and more research is available via the following YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHBsxfbgrbY

Aside from Dr Abrahms work, research by the US Government and other top US University Medical Research departments have shown CBD to carry significant benefits. CBD has shown positive as described in the United States Health Department Patent # 6,630,507 results with Parkinson's disease, HIV, Down's Syndrome, Crohn's disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, Post Heart Operation and Heart patients, including high blood pressure, Alzheimer's and many other conditions. CBD has been shown to be a natural T-cell enhancer.

Three products are currently available from Medical Marijuana Inc's enhanced drinking water beverage line:

  • CBD-infused water, which has all of the medical benefits of CBD.
  • THC-free water, which has all of the additional 500 plus natural benefits less THC.
  • Hemp water, which uses all the direct benefits of hemp extracts.

Medical Marijuana Inc has several additional beneficial beverage lines which will be launched over the next several months.
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Big Buds Magazine Launches New One-Stop Marijuana Website

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) - Conceived as a sort of Huffington Post for the Medical Marijuana growers community, BigBudsMag.com launched on May 3, 2011, offering “Your One Source For Growing Medical Marijuana” for the multitude of Medical Marijuana growers, users and enthusiasts worldwide.

This first of its kind web content portal aims to offer a one-stop website for growing Medical Marijuana and the lifestyle that has arisen within this rapidly-growing industry. From cultivation and distribution to medication and appreciation, Big Buds will cover all facets of the medicinal cannabis culture in a way that is sophisticated, informative and entertaining to all readers.

Big Buds will provide the grower community with expert advice on how to cultivate the best medicine, as well as help patients discover the best strains available for their needs. The site will also give a voice to the dispensary community who are on the front lines of the culture, shining a factual and positive light on this still misunderstood link in the medicinal cannabis chain.

And because the Medical Marijuana lifestyle is ever evolving, Big Buds aims to keep readers informed of the latest news and opinions about Medical Marijuana, with daily updates Monday through Friday,

Big Buds launched on May 3, 2011 with daily content celebrating myriad topics, from articles on how to grow the biggest buds and reviews of the best grower gear, to interviews with world-famous entertainers actively engaged in the Medical Marijuana culture, recipes for the tastiest medicinal treats, and thoughtful analysis of the technological and medical sciences that continue to evolve as this exciting new industry becomes a significant part of daily life for millions of enthusiasts worldwide.
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40,000 Signatures Collected to Stop New San Diego Medical Marijuana Rules

By Ninja Smoker, Courtesy The Weed Blog

Friday is the deadline for opponents of recently passed regulations of medical marijuana dispensaries to turn in petition signatures they have been collecting according to 10news.com. The California Cannabis Coalition, which is leading the signature drive, reportedly had collected more than 40,000 signatures by last weekend.

The CCC is gathering signatures to force the City Council to decide whether to repeal, or put the issue to a public vote…again.

The restrictive zoning and public safety ordinances, passed on April 12, confine dispensaries to light industrial and commercial zones in the city of San Diego, at least 600 feet from residences, schools and other sensitive areas.

Operators are required to get a conditional use permit, which could take thousands of dollars and as long as two years to obtain.

The regulations are a de-facto ban on marijuana collectives, allowed under state law by Proposition 215, which voters passed 15 years ago.

More than 31,000 valid signatures are required to force the City Council to decide whether it wants to repeal the regulations or put a referendum on an election ballot. They expecting some of the signatures to be disqualified upon review.
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Presidential Candidate Tim Pawlenty Says He's Opposed to Medical Marijuana Legalization

Tim Pawlenty, who announced last week that he will be running for president in 2012, gave a speech in front of the Libertarian think-tank the Cato Institute Wednesday and when he was asked by Marijuana Policy Project's Bob Capecchi why he vetoed a bill to legalize medical pot when he was governor of Minnesota, Pawlenty replied:
“Marijuana? Yeah,” Pawlenty said. “Well… I stood with law enforcement on this issue. We just have a respectful difference on this issue. It’s not something I support, and it’s because I defer to the judgment, wisdom, and experience of law enforcement as it relates to that issue.”
You can see video of the question and answer here:

What bugs me about Pawlenty's response is that instead of giving his own opinion on the issue, he 'defers' to law enforcement. Why? Can't he make up his own mind? This is an important issue after all. I can't stand when politicians do this kind of thing. Instead of doing research on marijuana and talking to patients and learning about the truth, Pawlenty rejects medical marijuana because the cops tell him it's bad. Are the police really the best source of advice on medical matters? I think not.

Now compare Pawlenty's views on marijuana with Ron Paul's, who always gives a well-thought out, intelligent response to questions about pot:

Ron Paul is nobody's bitch! He tell's it like it is! He's the only politician I know of that actually cuts through the bullshit and gets to the truth. I really hope he gets elected.
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Munchie Minute Episode 7: Puppy Chow

In Episode 7 of the Munchie Minute, KRIST-3 whips up a chocolaty, caramely, ooey-gooey concoction called Puppy Chow. Easy to make and sure to satisfy a sweet tooth:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Chronicle Is Now Hosting 'Munchie Minute' Videos!

I'm very pleased to announce that The Chronicle is now hosting the Munchie Minute, a weekly show that'll quickly show you how to make all kinds of delicious stuff.

Munchie Minute started uploading videos to YouTube on the same day that The Chronicle officially re-launched, 4/20/2011, so I guess this partnership is appropriate!

The Munchie Minute crew has released six videos so far featuring some of the yummiest, most creative cures for the munchies that I've seen. You can visit The Chronicle's Munchie Minute Page to see all six episodes.

And a big thanks goes out to the MM Crew for giving me permission to re-publish their videos!

You can check out Episode 1 right here:

National Forest Service: Beware of Marijuana Growers

United States Forest Service Law Enforcement &...Image via Wikipedia
The National Forest Service issued a press release today that urges hikers, campers and others to be on the watch for a very dangerous type of forest dweller: Marijuana cultivators.

Issued by the agency's headquarters in Washington D.C., the press release provides safety tips for people who think they may have found a marijuana growing operation:

  • Sometimes marijuana smells like a skunk on hot days.
  • Hoses or drip lines located in unusual or unexpected places.
  • A well-used trail where there shouldn’t be one.
  • People standing along roads without vehicles present, or in areas where loitering appears unusual.
  • Grow sites are usually found in isolated locations, in rough steep terrain.
  • Camps containing cooking and sleeping areas with food, fertilizer, weapons, garbage, rat poison and/or dead animals.
  • Small propane bottles, used to avoid the detection of wood smoke.
  • Individuals armed with rifles out of hunting season.
The announcement continues:
“As soon as you become aware that you have come upon a cultivation site, back out immediately. Never engage the growers as these are extremely dangerous people. If you can identify a landmark or record a GPS coordinate, that’s very helpful. The growers may be present and may or may not know that you have found their grow site. 
 “Get to a safe place and report as much detail about the location and incident as you can recall to any uniformed member of the Forest Service or to your local law enforcement agency. Leave the way you came in, and make as little noise as possible.”
If our leaders in Washington would wise up and legalize marijuana we wouldn't have problems like this. We wouldn't have to fear for our lives while going for a hike because some brutal Mexican drug cartel has set up an operation in our favorite patch of forest and decided to defend it with automatic weapons.

Instead of just warning people, why doesn't the government actually do something to fix the root of the problem? 
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Government Licensing Big Pharma to Grow Marijuana

The East Bay Express reported last week that the federal government has made a practice out of licensing large pharmaceutical companies to grow marijuana as they work on developing a generic alternative to Marinol. According to the report there are more than 50 licensed grow operations in the nation. Reporter David Downs writes:

"It's a weird piece of news that comes at a strange and contradictory time for the drug war. As US attorneys send threatening letters to states and cities, including Oakland, warning them against "commercial cultivation" of marijuana, the DEA is quietly handing out licenses for commercial cultivation"
 More hypocritical from policies from the Feds, who could've seen that one coming?

The government refuses to re-schedule marijuana, saying that it has no known medical uses, yet here they are working with the big drug companies to develop medicinal extracts from the plant. It just doesn't make any sense. Except it makes perfect sense.

Marijuana can be used to treat a plethora of illnesses, everything from headaches to cancer, and Big Pharma isn't ever going to allow a wonder drug that can be made at home to be legalized. They have to process it, make pills out of it and patent it so they can continue to rip us all off by charging for something that should be free.

It's just another great example of how big business and mega-corporations are ruining this fine country. The dollar rules and we lose.

You can read the full article from the East Bay Express right here.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Medical Marijuana Strain Named After Justin Bieber

NYC signing September 1,2009 Nintendo Store - NYCJustin Beiber
PerezHilton.com is reporting that a new strain of medical marijuana has been named after pop star Justin Beiber and sources close to Justin say he is actually pret-ty ticked about the “unauthorized use of his name.”

There's no word on how the strain was named, but a search at weedmaps.com shows that the only dispensary carrying the so-called J.B. Kush: The Dank Depot in Long Beach, Calif.

I'm willing to bet that a small army of pre-teen girls will be looking for this stuff just because Beiber's name is attached to it. I can here it now: Mommy, can we stop at the weed store on the way home? I need my Beiber fix!
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First-Look at New Three Stooges Movie, Watch 'The Three Stooges Get Stoned'

Yahoo Movies gave us a first look at the new Three Stooges movie from the Farrelly Brothers (There's Something About Mary, Dumb and Dumber) today via an on-set photo of two of the stars in full make-up.

The movie is set to star Sean Hayes (Will and Grace) as Larry, Will Sasso (MADtv) as Curly and relative-unknown Chris Diamantopoulos as Moe.

In honor of the new movie, The Chronicle would like to answer the question: What would it be like if the Three Stooges got stoned? In this clip from the 80s TV show 'Fridays', comedian Larry David of 'Seinfeld' fame plays Larry and two other actors I don't recognize play the other two stooges as they take a toke of some Maui Wowie. It had me in stitches:

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Connecticut Considering Marijuana Decriminalization

A bill that has made it's way to the Connecticut State Senate could make possession of marijuana in the state a civil infraction instead of a misdemeanor, the same as getting a parking ticket.

Penalties for those caught with marijuana would be reduced to a $100 fine.

The bill is bringing stiff opposition from senate republicans:

MarijuanaImage by warrantedarrest via Flickr
"The idea that we would decriminalize marijuana is one of the worst ideas I've heard in my 13 years in the state Senate," Republican Senate Minority Leader John McKinney said.

Former state rep Michael Lawlor who crafted the new bill said they have learned from what has and what has not worked in other states.

"We could simply cut to the chase. If you get caught, you could pay a $100 fine plus fees and costs. If you're a kid, the penalties are much more severe. If you're under 21, you're going to lose your driver's license for 60 days," Lawlor said.

Lawlor has also suggested that decriminalizing marijuana could help clear up the state's overburdened court system and allow courts and law enforcement to focus on more serious crimes. 
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'Deadliest Catch' Star Jake Harris Says Pot Wasn't His

On last night's episode of 'Deadliest Catch', a Discover Channel show that follows the lives of crew members on board the crabbing ship Cornelia Marie, Captain Derrick Ray found what appeared to be a make-shift marijuana pipe on board the ship and ultimately placed the blame for pipe on crew member Jake Harris.

After being kicked off the ship, Harris made his way to the airport where he was confronted by police. He told the cops that the pipe found on board didn't belong to him, but he also refused to submit to a drug test.

Fans of the show are in an uproar of Ray's treatment of Harris and feel that there wasn't enough evidence to kick him off the ship.

Here's a clip from the show:

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Montana Health Department Stops Issuing Medical Marijuana Cards

Roy Kemp, an official with the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, says that his agency stopped issuing, renewing and replacing medical marijuana patient identification cards pending the implementation of Montana's recently-passed overhaul of the system on June 1.

"We will not issue any cards until June 1, when the next phase of the law triggers in," Kemp said.

The overhaul, which Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer let become law without his signature, will severely restrict access to medical marijuana in the state. Under the new rules growing facilities will be banned and patients will be required to grow their own medicine or obtain it from a licensed caregiver who won't be allowed to charge for it and can only serve three patients at a time.

The new law also places more restrictive measures on those seeking medical marijuana to treat chronic pain, the number one reason for medical marijuana use in the state.

"That's great news," said Senate Majority Leader Jeff Essmann, R-Billings, who sponsored the new law. "I wish their website indicated it. It still has got that they're continuing to process them until June 20.

"If they are complying with SB423 and suspending issuance of cards and do not intend to resume issuance until June 1, I'm happy with that."

The number of medical marijuana card-holders has increased dramatically in recent years, going from 4,000 patients in 2009 to more than 30,000 today.
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Pittsburgh Panthers Quarterback Arrested for Marijuana

Pittsburgh Quarterback Anthony Gonzalez
Late last night the University of Pittsburgh announced that it would be suspending Panther's quarterback Anthony Gonzalez indefinitely for violating team rules, but didn't provide any further details.

This morning however, a Morning Call reporter learned that Gonzalez had been arrested early Friday on a charge of marijuana possession in Bethlehem.

Gonzalez and two other men were arrested at 12:46 a.m. Friday at E. 3rd and Hobart streets in Bethlehem, police said. All three men are 19 and from Bethlehem, police said.

Gonzalez is being charged with possession of a small amount of cannabis. The charges are expected to be filed next week.

Gonzalez was recently named the most improved player for the Panthers after their spring training session.
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Police: Man with Marijuana clenched in his butt would not release

Police in Gaston North Carolina reported that they arrested Jason Obrien Nichols, 27, last night after finding less than one half-ounce of marijuana in his car and later finding the other half of the ounce in Nichols' butt during a jail house strip search.

“When defendant’s person was searched he clenched his butt cheeks hard and would not release,” Gastonia Police Officer M.C. Bridges wrote in a warrant affidavit. “At jail defendant was stripped search and marijuana was concealed in his butt cheeks.”

Nichols was charged with marijuana possession and possession of a controlled substance on jail premises. He was booked into Gaston County Jail under a $10,000 bond.

On a side note, I'm really glad my job doesn't involve forcibly removing objects from peoples' asses. It doesn't sound like a very pleasant way to spend the evening.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Arizona Governor Files Lawsuit to Stop Medical Marijuana Program

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, AKA 'Super Bitch'
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer announced today that she is suspending the state's newly formed medical marijuana program pending the outcome of a lawsuit filed in federal court today requesting a declaratory judgment from the federal government.

If the federal court agrees to take the case the declaration could determine whether Arizona's program is in conflict with federal drug laws.

“The state of Arizona has worked to follow the wishes of voters,” Brewer said in a news release. “But I won’t stand aside while state employees and average Arizonans acting in good faith are unwittingly put at risk. In light of the explicit warnings on this issue offered by Arizona’s U.S. Attorney, as well as many other federal prosecutors, clarity and judicial direction are in order.”

I personally can't stand Jan Brewer or her politics. She's very obviously NOT working to follow the wishes of the voters. In fact, this is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the voters want. 

But she is right on one point. The feds do need to provide some clarification. Are they ultimately going allow the will of the voters or aren't they? And if they're not, why? This is still a Democracy right? Government by the people and for the people and all that jazz? What right do they have to prosecute medical marijuana patients and throw them in jail for something that the majority of voters think should be allowed? It's completely outrageous. Up yours, Jan Brewer!
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High Times Releases Teaser for 2011 Medical Cannabis Cup

High Times Magazine has released a new teaser video via YouTube for the 2011 Medical Cannabis Cup competition in San Fransisco June 25 and 26. It looks like a hoot! Check it out:

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Marijuana-guarding Bears Wake Up with The Munchies

The Chronicle reported last month about a man in British Colombia, Canada that used dog food to bribe wild black bears into guarding his marijuana growing operation. Allen Piche, also known as The Bear Dude, pleaded guilty to feeding the bears back in March and will be sentenced this spring, but in the meantime he's been ordered to stop the feedings which consisted of $100 worth of kibble every day.

Piche was allowed to keep feeding the bears until they went into hibernation at the beginning of last winter, but now the bears are waking up to find their breakfast missing. Wildlife officials were worried that the bears had become too reliant on the food source and would have to be shot if they couldn't learn to forage naturally.

So far the bears appear to have left the area in search of food, which is what officials were hoping for.

Piche told CBC News that most of the animals did return to his remote property this spring, but once they understood he was not going to feed them, they just left.

"'I'll show you the records," Piche said. "I've had 80 per cent of the bears come and now 80 per cent are gone. I'm counting on the bears to do the right thing. So far, they have."

Piche says he's worried about this summer when the bears normally come back en masse after their normal mating period. 

Piche, a self-described "aging hippie" said his former partner began the bear feedings, and he carried on when she was warned to stop because the bears kept coming back.

The feeding went on for years and likely would have continued had Piche not been visited by the RCMP last summer. Police arrested him and three others for allegedly tending to a large outdoor marijuana grow-op.

Piche has pleaded not guilty to the grow-op charge.
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Monday, May 23, 2011

10 Cool, Old-Timey Songs About Marijuana

Weed and music belong together and they always have, but songs specifically about marijuana weren't popularized until the beginning of the 20th century. With the prevalence of Jazz and Blues music around the turn of the century, many artists, mostly black, began to share their love of weed through music.

Here are The Chronicle's Top 10 selections from the era of 'Teapad' Jazz and beyond:

*Note: Yes, I do realize that the last song on this list, 'Champagne and Reefer' by Muddy Waters is from 1981 and doesn't technically qualify as 'Old-Timey', but it sure does sound old.

Jack I'm Mellow (1922)
Performed by Trixie Smith

I’m so high and so dry,
I’m sailin’ in the sky,
Just smoke some gage,
Come around babe,
Jack, I’m mellow.

I’m so high and so dry,
I’m way up in the sky,
The world seems light
And I’m so right,
Jack, I’m mellow.

I’m going to put my nickel in a slot machine
And play my solid sender,
I’m going to strut, peck and Suzie-Q,
Have alone a bender,

I’m so high and so dry,
I’m sailin’ in the sky,
I got my roach around
And I can’t come down,
Jack, I’m mellow.

I’m so high and so dry,
I’m sailin’ in the sky,
Just smoke some gage,
Come around babe,
Jack, I’m mellow.

I’m so high and so dry,
I’m way up in the sky,
The world seems light
And I’m so right,
Jack, I’m mellow.

The Man from Harlem (1932)
Performed by Cab Calloway

It was up at Mike's the other night,
There was really quite a sight,
Gather round, folks, while I give you all the lowdown.

Tables were filled with bloody frails,
Chewing on their fingernails;
They were waiting for the man from Harlem.

Drinks were served six bits a throw,
Things were moving kind of slow,
Everybody's nerves were getting jumpy.

All at once the room was still,
Men forgot all about their bill,
Who should enter but the man from Harlem.

Everybody rolled their eyes,
Women starting heaving sighs,
Someone hollered, "Music, lights and gin,"

Everybody cleared a space,
They had big, broad smiles on every face,
How they all loved to see the man from Harlem.

When he started in to step
He filled everyone with plenty pep,
He twitched and squirmed; it just was a dirty shame.

Everyone was in a daze,
Women watched him with amaze,
Each one said she'd have the man from Harlem.

He looked over in the corner,
And saw a couple of frails and they sure did look kinda low.
Another cat walked up, and said to the man from Harlem,
"Go over there and see what's the matter with them girls."
And they said, "I'm kinda low."
And he said, "I've got just what you need:
Come on, sisters, light up on these weeds and get high and forget about everything."

Reefer Man (1932)
Performed by Baron Lee and the Blue Rhythm Band

Oh, have you ever met that funny reefer man?
Oh, have you ever met that funny reefer man?
If he says he'll swam to China
And he'll sell you South Carolina
Then you know you're talking to that reefer man.
Have you ever met that funny reefer man?
Have you ever met that funny reefer man?
If he says he walks the ocean
Every time he takes the notion
Then you know you're talking to that reefer man.

Have you ever met a funny reefer man?
Have you ever met a funny reefer man?
If he takes a sudden mania
Wants to give you Pennsylvania
Then you know you're talking to that reefer man.

All the Jive is Gone (1936)

The latest crave, the country's rave is jive, jive, jive,
This modern treat makes life complete: jive, jive, jive!

All the jive is gone!
All the jive is gone!
I'm sorry, gate, but you got here late,
All the jive is gone!

All the jive is gone!
All the jive is gone!
So come on in and drink some gin,
All the jive is gone!

All the jive is gone!
All the jive is gone!
Things won't be quiet, don't brag tonight;
All the jive is gone!

All the jive is gone!
All the jive is gone!
What an awful fix, can't get my kicks,
'Cause all the jive is gone!

The jive's gone, the jive's gone;
The jive's gone, the jive's gone;
Rarin' to go to Mexico,
All the jive is gone.

When I Get Low, I Get High (1936)
Performed by Ella Fitzgerald

My fur got stole
but, lord ain't it cold
But I'm not gonna holler
'cause I still got a dollar
And when I get low
Oooo I get high

My man walked out
Now you know that ain’t right
but He better watch out
If I see him tonight
and when I get low
Oooo I get high

All the bad luck in this town surrounds me (maybe you have this bit right)
Nobody knows how troubles all crowd around me

I’m all alone
With no-one to pet me
But that old rocking chair
Ain’t never gonna get me
‘cause when I get low
Oooo I get high

All the bad luck in this town surrounds me
Nobody knows how troubles all crowd around me

I’m all alone
With no-one to pet me
with the old rocking chair
Ain’t gonna get me
‘cause when I get low
Oooo I get high

I'm Gonna Get High (1937)
Performed by Tampa Red

I'm gonna get high
And it ain't no lie
And swing alone and have a ball
I'm gonna get high

Oh me, oh my
Nobody know why
Oh m'baby, don't you cry
I'm gonna get high

It ain't no need of no one
Tryin' to shame me
But what a state I've got in
Who could blame me?
Oh, yes

I'm gonna get high
I'll do it or die
And swing alone and have a ball
I'm gonna get high

I'm gonna get high
And it ain't no lie
And swing alone and have a ball
I'm gonna get high

Oh me, oh my
Nobody know why
Oh m'baby, don't you cry
I'm gonna get high

It ain't no need of no one
Tryin' to shame me, yeah-yeah
But what a state I've got in
Who could blame me?
Oh, yeah

Oh, I'm gonna get high
I'll do it or die
And swing alone and have a ball
I'm gonna get high

Well, I'm gonna get high
I'll do it or die
Swing alone and have a ball
I'm gonna get high, yas.

Knocking Myself Out (1941)
Performed By Lil Green 

Listen girls and boys I got one stick
Give me a match and let me take a whiff quick
I'm gonna knock myself out, I'm gonna kill myself
I'm gonna knock myself out, gradually by degrees.
I started blowing my gage, and I was havin' my fun
I spied the police and I started to run
I was knocking myself out, I was killing myself
I'm knockin' myself out, gradually by degrees.

But the very moment I looked around
My mind said 'Yack throw that gage on the ground'
The police captain said 'Kill yourself'!
The police captain said 'Kill yourself'!
He said 'Knock yourself out, yeah, gradually by degrees.'

I used ta didn't blow gage, drink nothin' of the kind
But my man quit me and that changed my mind
That's why I'm knockin' myself out,
Yes I'm get killin' myself
I'm knocking myself out, gradually by degrees.

I'm gonna blow this jive, it's a sin and a shame
But it's the only thing that ease my heart about my man
When I knock myself out. Lord, when I kill myself
I just knock myself smack out gradually by degrees.

The Reefer Song (1943)
Performed by Fats Waller

Dream about a reefer five feet long
A mighty immense but not to strong
You'll be high, but not for long
If you're a viper

I'm the king if everything
Well I gotta be high before I can sing
Light a tee and let it be
If you're a viper

Now when your throat get dry
And you know you're high
Everything is dandy
Truck on down to your candy store
Get you kicks off peppermint candy

Then you'll know your bodies set
You don't give a damn about payin' no rent
The sky is high and so am I
Whoa ho, if you's a viper

Now when your throat get dry
And you know you're high
Everything is dandy
Truck on down to your candy store
Get you kicks off peppermint candy

Then you'll know your bodies set
You don't give a damn about payin' no rent
Well if you hear the bells ring, ding dong ding
If you're a viper

Sweet Marijuana Brown (1945)
Performed by The Barney Bigard Sextet

Boy, shes really frantic, the wildest chick in town
She blows her gauge, flies in a rage, Sweet Marijuana Brown
In her victory garden, seeds grow all around
She plants, ya dig, she's flipped her wig, Sweet Marijuana Brown
She don't know where she's going, She don't care where she's been
And every time you take her out, she bound to take you in
Boy, that gal means trouble, you oughta put her down
Get hip, take care, look out, beware of Sweet Marijuana Brown

I get no kick from cocaine
Mere alcohol doesn't thrill me at all
But, I get a kick out of smoking doobs, yes I do

Champaign and Reefer (1981)
Performed By Muddy Waters 

Yeah bring me champagne when I'm thirsty.
Bring me reefer when I want to get high.
Yeah bring me champagne when I'm thirsty.
Bring me reefer when I want to get high.
Well you know when I'm lonely
Bring my woman set her right down here by my side.
Well you know there should be no law
on people that want to smoke a little dope.
Well you know there should be no law
on people that want to smoke a little dope.
Well you know it's good for your head
And it relax your body don't you know.

Everytime I get high
I lay my head down on my baby's breast.
Well you know I lay down be quiet
Tryin' to take my rest.
Well you know she done hug and kiss me
Says Muddy your one man that I love the best.

I'm gonna get high
Gonna get high just as sure as you know my name.
Y'know I'm gonna get so high this morning
It's going to be a cryin' shame.
Well you know I'm gonna stick with my reefer
Ain't gonna be messin' round with no cocaine.

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