Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Harvard Professor: "Marijuana is the wonder drug of our times"

I don't watch much TV, so I guess I missed this, but apparently ABC's 20/20 aired a segment featuring two mothers who put their children on medical marijuana with astounding results. The two boys, one with OCD, and another with Autism, showed marked improvement from the medicine.
A Harvard professor interviewed in the segment argues that no one is ever too young to use medical marijuana and calls it "the wonder drug of our times".
It's great to see quality information on marijuana breaking through in such a popular format. It's starting to feel like support for legalization is coming to a crescendo. The hippies did what they could in the 60's, but I think they were too busy focusing on ending the war in Vietnam. Now that so much attention has been given to marijuana in the mainstream, maybe we'll finally see some results.

You can watch the segment from 20/20 here:


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